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Interview with Daize Shayne

M.S: Hi Daize, It´s a pleasure to have an interview with you. When did you
start singing? Which are your influences as a singer?

I was front of the mirror w/a curling iron acting like David Lee Roth singing
"Hot For The Teacher", wearing tight hot pink spandex back when I should have
been wearing diapers. Growing up I was force fed AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Lynard
Skynard, Black Sabbath, the Clash and even Dire Straights. Thanks God for force

M.S: What means rock’n’roll for you?

It is a way of life for me. It’s what I live on- without it I would be
a completely different person, with no sense of what real music is.

M.S: How the concert of your dreams would be?

Having the Rolling Stones open up for Daize Shayne would be nice… ha ha.
I would love be to on a nude beach in Spain, maybe Formentra or the El Torn
region. Hot sun, cool breeze and LOUD sound system. We would play into the night
and party till dawn. Can we arrange this concert, please?

M.S: How do you thing your life is going to be in 10 years?

I will maybe have a villa in Spain and in Hawaii… lot’s of siesta’s and
good sex during the days and at night bottles of 1995 vintage Bordon Gran Reserve,
lots of music being played and oh yes- good sex again before bed.

M.S: Tell me something new that this album can offer to the discographic
market.Which songs do you prefer from your album?

The whole idea of this album was to bring back "real" music. I was VERY
sick of the canned in, boxed up, auto tuned, one hit wonders that flood the
market today. I wanted to make music that moved people. Music that pierced through
people’s bad days and gave them a smile. Music that you could make out too,
music that you could scream at the top of your lungs too when your pissed off,
music that you play through your ipod while running with the bulls. This is
that music… and live it is an experience I make sure you will never forget.
"Believe", "Movin’On", Can’t Have Just A Little" are some of my favorites. I
actually LOVE the whole CD and have pissed off my neighbors more then a few
times blasting it too loud in the middle of the night after drinking too much

M.S: I supose that it’s so cool that a label like Mascot released your first
album, it isn’t?

How arose the contact with them? My manager Ken Tamplin hooked that baby
up. They are an amazing label to be on!! They have stayed true to the meaning
of rock n roll and have been unbelievable to my band and I… always checking
on us and making sure we are all right with everything. Every good band deserves
a label like Mascot backing them, I feel very fortunate.

M.S: Will be a new disc in the future or this has been stayed as a solitary

Oh no… producing music that people can relate too is addicting, I’m hooked
like a gambler in a Texas Holdum Tournament. There will be more music for everyone!!!

M.S: Do you feel that the experience obtained in the Fashionable footbridges
has helped you in the scene?

Or both things are quite differents? I like being known as a sexy women…
this has helped I’m sure.

M.S: What contributes the music that does not contribute surf to it or the
fashion to you?

Music, surfing and fashion are all part of my soul. I can not have one without
the other. While on tour w/the band I can rent a board and surf at the beach
near by, this is a beautiful thing. Fashion is a huge passion of mine also.
I love the way clothes can change your mood. You put on a short skirt and some
high heels and your day goes from bad to great. Lang ire is nice too, I have
droors of sexy nighties.

M.S: What was the reason for the release of this album?

Like I said, for me good music is hard to find these days. I wanted to make
an attempt at making a record that people could listen to all the way through
and love it more each time. This record does that for me… and I can be a picky
bitch with music.

M.S: This is the end,thanks for your time again, and if you want to say
something to our readers, this is your moment.

You all have the power to keep good music alive… thank you for all your

David A.

Photos: David J. Amelang

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