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Interview with Saxon

Interview with Saxon about «Heavy Metal Thunder Live» promotion and much more… Check it out at this location….


-What is the secret to maintain the band updated after 36 years of work in progress?

I think it’s 34 years since they started, or maybe 33 – it’s really all down to a number of reasons – we enjoy writing music, playing live, and the most important thing is that the fans have wanted to see us during this whole period – obviously, one has highs and lows in ones career but the fact that people still buy our albums and come to our shows is the main one – if that stopped then we’d have to consider stopping too – however, at the moment, there’s no sign of that!!

-Thirty six years is a period ample enough so that music has evolved so much. Saxon have been improving with time, but have always be loyal to their remarkable seal. Is this something you have always considered a priority?

We always try to be honest with ourselves and our fans when composing albums, and not jump on any musical bandwagon – that is to say, we’re not going to follow any sudden trend in the heavy rock/metal genre – we are whatwe are, and our music i think backs me up on that comment – one can’t help but be influenced by what one hears or listens to but we never set out to

Follow any particular ‘favour of the month’ trend. I think it’s very important to do this otherwise our fans might never know what style is coming next.And we like writing our kind of music – that’s what we are and what we do.

-How does it feel to be a metal band for so many generations conscious of being self responsibles for metal anthems such as "Denim and Leather", "Crusaders", or "747"(Strangers in the Night)?

It’s great – and i feel so proud that we’ve written what people regard as metal classics – the only problem comes with sorting out a setlist – there are so many songs to choose from and, unless we played for ten hours or so, wwe could never hope to play them all – so we try and mix it up a little but one must never forget that a band tours to promote the latest album so that has to take preference.

-You have recently released some recordings with special stress on the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, in which you have taken part many times. Do you think WOA could be placed in the first position considering the European summer festivals, like once was Donington?

Yes, Wacken is brilliant, and i think it should be regarded as the biggest European rock festival. Donnington is not what it was but we played there last week and it was fantastic for us, but it’s no longer a traditional heavy rock/ metal festival as it used to be, but times change, music trends change, the young kids listen to all kinds of stuff and that’s what festivals are all about.

-This release has been made this year, but, the concerts correspond to 2004,2007 and 2009. Don´t you think this job could have been released years before?

That was a decision by management, the record company, and WOA – they all thought the time was right to release it now. As for Paul and Biff, i think they’ve only got better over the years as i think we all have – Paul’s playing like a demon and Biff’s voice has never sounded stronger or fuller!

-The rest of the band have been together for so long yet that you know yourselves perfectly well. But, in the last years Nibbs Carter has attracted my attention since he is a showmaster and gives Saxon a touch of youth that contrasts Biff or Quinn´s performance. How do you see his contribution to the band?

Nibbs has been in the band since ’89 so he’s not a newcomer, but yes, when he joined, he invigorated the band with his stage presence and writing and his enthusiasm!


-Trends in the Music world have changed so many times along your existence. You´ve passed from a world dominated by the discographic industry, which took a great part of the cake and in which not all the bands could edit a disc, to other world in which this industry is suffering the greatest crisis in history and where every band can release almost everything at low cost. How do you see this evolution?

One big difference is that record companies no longer guide and nurture a band as they used to – now it’s be successful instantly or it’s adios and they get dropped. This is a big shame as i’m sure a lot of bands disappear so quickly. One good thing about the internet though is that a lot of bands are releasing albums and are able to because of the technology available.

With the advent of computers, it’s now cheaper to make a record as you don’t need a studio full of tape machines etc – but you do still need a good recording room and other high class gear like Pro Tools etc but it’s put recording within the reach of a lot of bands that, unless they were signed to a major label, would never get a chance. And there are a lot of smaller labels springing up to release all this music. With the internet, i’ve found so much great music that, had the ‘net not existed, i would never have heard. Personally, i think it’s a very healthy situation.

-Nowadays, that many bands contemporary to Saxon remain together just for business, this is clearly not your case as the quality of your material and your performance on stage have always satisfied my ambition when I see you in concert.. Can we say there are long years to come for Saxon as a band on stage?

As i said before, we enjoy all the aspects of being in a band – the composing, recording,touring etc – the moment it stops being fun,  hen we might call it a day, but we’re not there yet!!! – there’s plenty more to come!

– Which are your plans for the future considering tour dates and new recordings at studios?

We’re actually in the studio now, recording the next album which will be released early next year, with a world tour! So keep an eye on the Saxon website for dates – also we’re playing quite a few festivals this summer.

– I´d like to thank you because it is unusual to have the honor of interviewing such an emblematic band and if you want to leave a message to our readers and Spanish followers, this is the moment for you to do it.
You’re very welcome – Just want to say muchas gracias to all the Spanish fans and your other readers – thank you for all your support over the years – we really appreciate it.

Keep the faith! – Hasta la vista!

Toni Marchante – Liliana Pérez

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