We spoke with Bewitcher about his latest album «Cursed be thy Kingdom», they introduce themselves to our readers and we know a little more about them, this is what they tell us …

David Aresté

M.S: Hello, thank you for your time! it is a pleasure to have you here, we hope you are safe and ok.

Greetings and salutations, nice to be here!

M.S: To get to know the band a little more, tell us about the idea of creating the band , your musical style, etc…

Bewitcher started in 2013 as a demo project whose goal it was to play old school heavy/speed metal with a heavy nod to the early first wave of black metal. Eventually we filled out the lineup and began playing live shows and expanding on the sound to the point that we are at today.

M.S: Where does the name of the band come from?

When we were trying to come up with with a name for the band, we had a mile-long list of potential contenders. The goal was to have a name that sounded old-school with a bit of an occult twist without being too overt about it. ‘Bewitcher’ was a song title I had in mind while writing the first group of tunes and seemed to fit the bill the best.

Interview with Bewitcher about «Cursed be thy Kingdom»
M.S: What feedback are you getting with Cursed be thy Kingdom?

I’d have to say it’s been overwhelmingly positive thus far. As I type this, it is album release day and people have been very vocal about how much they are digging it.

M.S: What does this album have that doesn’t have the previous ones?

I don’t know that there is anything completely new on this record that didn’t exist on the previous ones. It’s more like all of the existing elements were refined and improved, which over time is ideally what you would want to do as an artist/performer.

M.S: In your opinion, what can Bewitcher bring to the metal scene that other groups have not done?

The point of this band was never to reinvent the wheel. That holds no interest to us whatsoever. We currently live in uniquely trying times and it is our opinion that what the world needs more than ever is some good fucking rock n’ roll. When the world returns to some sense of normalcy, and people are finally allowed to let it loose again, we will be there to deliver it!

Interview with Bewitcher about «Cursed be thy Kingdom»
M.S: Do you think that because of not being able to go to concerts due to the pandemic, people are buying more albums to listen at home?

It’s probably helped, but I think metal fans are pretty supportive when it comes to buying albums in general, pandemic be damned!

M.S.: Could you tell us what are your future plans? A new video, video lyric, some streaming concert maybe…

Oh yeah buddy. We just dropped a new video for «Electric Phantoms» along with the album release! We have some more stuff in the pipeline that you will be seeing soon, so stay tuned…

M.S:Thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure to have you here, we wish you good luck with your album and we hope to see you soon on stage

The feeling is mutual. Cheers!

Interview with Bewitcher about «Cursed be thy Kingdom»David Aresté