Interview with Nate Garret – Spirit Adrit

M.S:Hello, thank you for answering our questions it’s a pleasure. How are you?

The pleasure is all mine. I’m doing ok, staying as busy and productive as possible in the midst of this shitty year.

M.S: To get to know the band a little more, tell us how the idea of creating the band , your musical style, etc…

The band started with two really long songs. I recorded them, playing every instrument myself. I made a full-length album the same way. A couple of years later there was demand for live performances, so I put a live band together. Now the recording lineup is Marcus Bryant on drums and me on all vocals and stringed instruments. The sound has evolved from doom to more of just a straightforward metal vibe. But I have a really wide variety of influences.

M.S: Where does the name of the band come from?

I wanted a name that was no more than two words that sounded cool. Looking through my record collection I took note of the word Spirit and the word Adrift. There was the name.

M.S.: You have just released your last album “Enlightened in Eternity”, what can you tell us about it?

It’s definitely my favorite album I’ve ever made in my life. We set out to make a classic type of metal album that inspires and uplifts people, and I believe we accomplished that. We want to honor the tradition of heavy metal but carry it into the future with our own sound.

M.S: “Enlightened in Eternity” cover is so fantastic and heavy, like a power metal band haha, who created it?

I came up with the idea and contacted Adam Burke, who painted it. I have the original painting on my wall and it looks even cooler in person.

M.S: How was the writing process for this album? Same as the previous ones?

Yeah pretty much the same. I write and demo all the songs at home. I used to physically play the drums and record those on the demos, but now I program the drums. Then I show the songs to Marcus and we tweak the drum parts together. Then I tweak the overall songs until I feel confident that they are finished. Then we enter the studio and record the album.

M.S: We comment on it because many groups in 4 years write two or three albums, and you have 4 albums and 2 eps … are you happy with the performance of the band?

Yes, definitely. This high output was not intentional, however. It’s just how it happened. The thing I am most happy with is that everything we put out has been of substantial quality, and we put all of our heart, soul, and energy into everything we do. Lots of output doesn’t mean anything if the quality is garbage. There are bands that will put out a bunch of albums really fast, but none of them are any good. What’s the point in that?

M.S: Do you think that because of not being able to go to concerts due to the pandemic, people are buying more albums to listen at home? We do not know if the income that the bands could have improved

I can only speak for our situation, but yes. This album has already outsold all our previous albums. It charted in Germany and in the US. We’ve sold more merchandise online than in any other year. So it’s hard for us personally to not be able to tour, but as far as the momentum of the band, things are great.

M.S.: Could you tell us what are your future plans about it? A new video, video lyric, some streaming set maybe…

We’ve put out something like 5 or 6 videos for this album, and we did a livestream the day after it came out. As far as my plans, I have some significant personal events coming up that will require my full attention. So I’m going to disappear into the Texas countryside and take care of that. I’ll return when it’s time to tour.

M.S:Thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure to have you here, we wish you good luck with your album and we hope to see you soon on stage

Thank you very much for the interview, and again the pleasure is all mine. Hope to see you soon! Stay safe and take care everyone.

David Aresté