After a good album as «Overload» we spoke with Bj, Spektra frontman  so that he could give us more details about this first album and the next steps of the band. This is what he tells us.

David Aresté

M.S:It is a pleasure to have you on our site, we hope you are well. «Overload» came out a few weeks ago, what feedback do you get from the press and your fans?

Hey there! The feedback was better than we’re expecting…. We are having great reviews from the album, and also amazing comments everywhere…. For a brand new band we’re doing great so far! We can’t wait to play live and get the this energy in front of our fans….

M.S: When did you start thinking about the project? We suppose that with the lockdown you were able to advance in the composition of the album, right?

I’m thinking to have a Melodic Rock band since forever hahahaha…. But I think this is the right time, with the right people and the right label! The project starts in 2019 when Jeff Scott Soto and Alessandro Del Vecchio were working on it even before myself…. This album was supposed to be just a project with the “right” singer for the job…. Then ….

I was invited to an audition cause Jeff said that I was the man to sing on it…. When I got the gig, the producers and Frontiers records gave all the trust to take care of everything….

And yes, we had free time on the lockdown to focus, and be very demanding with the whole process….. I’m very proud of it.

Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"

M.S: Listening to your album we see that it is a very fresh album and it has positive vibes, how do you see it? What is different from the others in the scene…

I think the same! And all of this was very natural….. the album himself has this good vibe, also because I think I choose the perfect team for how I idealized the Spektra’s sound. 
I never compare bands, I think every band has they signature, we are different people, different cultures, and we have different visions, so this make each band very unique…. I’m a Melodic Rock lover, and I think SPEKTRA is my best project as a singer so far.

M.S: We remind you of the last tour of JSS in Spain, what memories do you have of the concerts?

I love Spain, also I have great friends all over this amazing country! Specially my very talent Hermano Jorge Salan! We had great shows last time with SOTO in 2019, as usual with Spanish rockers! Also in the same year I had a lot of acoustic gigs in Spain with Jorge, we had Great times!! 

Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"
M.S: There you sang a song and did the backing vocals to JSS, How do you feel singing a whole album?

I recorded a lot of albums as a lead singer, but “Overload” is a very special one…. I feel better than ever as a musician and specially as a singer these days.

M.S: An obligatory question … will there be a second album?

For sure!! And we are already working on it! We have a great material for a second album….

Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"
M.S: You have taken three videos, of which song would you have liked to take another?

We are producing a new video for “Since I found you” the classic ballad of the album, and I have to say that I LOVE this song! But, I would love to have videos for the whole album! 

M.S:will there be the possibility to see the songs of spektra live? Or will it depend for example on the concerts you have with JSS?

We can work on it, SPEKTRA is a real band, not just a project, we gonna have tours for sure…. I would love to touring with all my bands every year, you just need to plan everything…. That’s the artist life!

Spektra: Interview with BJ about "Overload"
M.S:Thank you for your time, it has been a pleasure to have you here, we wish you good luck with your album and we hope to see you soon on stage

My pleasure guys! Thanks for this interview, and I would like to say for your followers to visit our website and get in our social media! Muchas gracias!!

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David Aresté