M.S: Thank you to attend us. It’s a honor to be with a melodic rock mith as you are.

J: Hi David! First of all, thanks a lot for your interest in MAD MAX & your support

M.S: How did the idea to form the band come up?

J: MAD MAX is a band that originally started in the 80ies. We did three successful albums "Rollin’ Thunder", "Stormchild" and "Night of Passion" and toured all over europe with the likes of PRETTY MAIDS, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN or STRYPER. On "Night of white rock" you’ll find the four original members of the band back together again.

M.S: Where do you get your inspiration for the songs and what are they all about?

J: "Night of white rock" is definitely a christian rock album. All the lyrics have a christian background. We don’t wanna preach the people something, but we want to give them an option to think about. The option is to believe in something – if you call it GOD, JESUS or maybe a higher spirit is up to the listener. All the lyrics are very personal statements.

M.S: What do you think about the future of AOR Music?

J: Melodic rock will always have fans – that’s for sure. In germany MAD MAX is the only christian melodic rock band and we know from tons of mails that we get, that a lot of people waited for something like MAD MAX to come. The same reactions are coming more or less from all over europe.

M.S: How do you live your music? Is it "rock" a way of life or only a musical style?

J: To be honest, we’re four very nice guys, but on stage WE ROCK!

M.S: Do you feel closer to today´s heavy metal or hard rock scene?

J: Our favourite bands are all from the 80ies like DOKKEN, WHITE LION, SCORPIONS.

M.S: Do you already Have any touring plans to support the new album?

J: MAD MAX was always a live band – april/may will see MAD MAX on a european tour! On march 4th we’re gonna do a very very big event called PROMIKON in Mannheim, germany where we’re gonna meet the whole european christian music scene! On april 22th we’re gonna play the ELEMENTS OF ROCK Festival in switzerland, the biggest swiss christian rockfestival together with BOB ROCK from the USA and NARNIA from sweden.

M.S: How would you descirbe the album with your own words?

J: As I said before "Night of white rock" is definitely a christian rock album.

M.S: Who created the art-work for the album of Mad Max?

J: The artwork did a guy called SEBASTIAN KOZAK from Great Britain.

M.S: You are very influenced by the music of the 80´s.In your opinion what makes the music of that period so special?

J: The 80ies were definitely the hightime of melodic rock with the big names like VAN HALEN. We all started making music in the 80ies, so the influences are quite obvious.

M.S: What do you think about internet?

J: Is it a way your where your older music get known or is it a way to copy illegaly your cds? First of all it’s important for every band to sell cd’s to the fans. That’s the way for a band to get the support of the record company. On the other side the internet is a way to present the band and the music to the world and get in contact with the fans, waht is definitely a good thing.

M.S: Could you make a brief over-view of your actual projects?

J: Please see question 6.

M.S: What are your future plans?

J: Do you want to add anything else?Thanks for your time… I want to thank all the fans for supportig MAD MAX! I hope to see you all on our forthcoming tour! GOD BLESS

Juergen/MAD MAX

David A,