M.S: Hi Nikki, It´s a pleasure to have an interview with you.

*Thanks to you.

M.S: Could you do a brief history of the band, and the style of music you play.

*Lucid Flies into the Record Book…The name "Lucid Fly" was derived from
this newspaper headline about America’s most experienced astronaut, female pioneer
Dr.ShannonLucid. Lucid Fly is a powerful female-fronted melodic progressive
hard rock band, combining goosebump-raising celestial vocals with intricate
songwriting and unique odd-time grooves. The music defies all expectations and
clearly knows no boundaries; it is a complete emotional experience. Co-founders
Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined with Haggerty and Thalgott in 2003 and their
story has been about constant evolution. With an undeniable chemistry, Lucid
Fly exploded into the Orlando music scene, surfacing above others in a seemingly
endless pool of local music, defining a class of their own.

M.S: How long did it take you to find "the sound" of Lucid Fly in the beginning?

*Our sound really began to find its own a few years after Doug & I formed
the band. We new the "direction" we wanted to go, but just tried to draw as
much as we could from our life experiences and influences. We also tried to
experiment as much as possible to push our own limitations. Now, we feel our
style is a reflection of our musical journey, and it continues to evolve with
every new song we write!

M.S: What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to?Is that the stuff
you listen to today as well?

*Growing up I was surrounded by music/musicians (mostly southern rock, classic
rock, gospel & country like: Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Journey, Stevie Nicks, Pat
Benatar, Johnny Cash etc.). Although those genre’s are my roots…my favorite
types of genres would have to include Rock (of all types), Metal, Ambient, Pop,
Folk, Trip Hop, Soul, Jazz ..I draw from anything that moves me. Some of my
all time favorites would have to be: A Perfect Circle, Imogen Heap, Finger 11,
Incubus, Baxter…to name a few 🙂

M.S: Tell us about the recordings of your debut album! Fun stories, who
wrote the songs, where did you find your inspiration for lyrics etc?

*The songs usually start off from a riff (either vocal or guitar) and then
a rough track is layed down. Nikki writes the lyrics & melody and once that
is done the "rough draft" is brought to the band and of course the song changes
and evolves until it eventually comes into its own! I get inspiration for the
songs/lyrics from my personal life experiences…anything that moves or changes

M.S: Do you remember the first gig you guys played as Lucid Fly and where
it was?

*We played our first show @ a very intimate club called the Go Lounge, downtown
Orlando on October 28, 1998. Once we got the jitters out and blew the PA speakers….we
had a great set!

M.S: What CD’s do you currently have available and where can they be purchased

*Our EP "Adapting to Gravity" was released in 2005. It is available online
at: www.lucidfly.com, cdbaby.com, itunes, amazon.com, garageband.com, and also
at local record stores in the Orlando, FL area

M.S: Can you tell us which songs on the record are your favorites?

*Well…I do like them all..hahaha..but I would have to say that Blind is
one of my favorites, it definitely had the most production. I really like No
Sleep..I think it showcases our dynamics lyrically & the songwriting.

M.S: Have you toured yet & if so what has been the highlight so

*Yes, we just toured around the Midwest and southeast regions of the US
and got a great response! Some of the highlights were being able to be involved
in the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. We played at the World Famous Coyote
Ugly Saloon..had a great set, and played to a packed house and met lots of great
people from all over the world! Also, we played a show in Cincinnati, Ohio and
my family/friends got to see me perform for the first time ever (in 8 years)!
So that was a very special show for me : )

M.S: what type of audience are in USA?What kind of audience has Lucid Fly?

*In the US, alternative and pop rock is very popular, as well as hip hop,
metal and indie music. Lucid Fly is very lucky to have such a diverse audience.
Our music appeals to people young and old…mainly because we mix the melodic
with the crunchy hard edgy sound..so its like the best of both worlds ~ a little
bit of something for everyone! 🙂

M.S: What do you think about the future of Prog Rock Music?

* Because progressive rock music often envelopes a lot of experimentation,
and several types of genres..i think that it will continue to gain popularity.
I think because it is broader and less well defined it will appeal to more audiences.

M.S: What are you currently up to?

*We just recently returned from touring and are in the pre-production stages
of our next cd..so currently we are writing, writing writing!!

M.S: Do you have dates for Europe?

*No we currently do not have any European tour dates, but we have our passports..so
we are ready to go!! HA! We would love to travel and play overseas…that’s one
of our main goals.

M.S: Anything else you want to say to the fans?Thanks for your time.

*Our music will be featured in 2 upcoming films, one called "Dropping In…
El Salvador" which is a surf documentary, and the other is for a snowmobile
dvd called "First Ascent" for 509 Films, both are to be released in Summer 2006!
Lucid Fly’s music will also be featured on the Sonic Cathedral "Sirens" Compilation.
Also, our music will be featured on the indie911.com compilation called "Smash
Hits You’ve Never Heard". Add yourself to our Lucid Fly fan map on our myspace
page so we can see where our fans are!! Don’t forget to get a copy of our EP
"Adapting to Gravity" and keep spreading the word!!! We love our fans and we
appreciate all the support 🙂

David A.
Photos: https://www.lucidfly.com