M.S: Hi Britt, It´s a pleasure to have an interview with you.

Britt: Thanks a lot.

M.S: Brief history of the band plus the style of music you play.

B: Jaded is a hard hitting, all female rock band that kicks you in
the face with a rock-n-roll party, firing on all cylinders. Reminiscent of ’80’s
style rock energy and decadence this band delivers in talent, looks, and raw
aggression. Julie Steel’s soaring vocals caress the ear while biting and tearing
with reckless abandon. This is clearly not your average screaming vocalist!
Britt Lightning compliments her perfectly, shredding her guitar with a precise,
fiery assault of fret- work.

Abbey Dragon’s pulsating bass makes you pump your fist as she drives the
band and the party! Hillary Blaze pounds her drums, adding rapid fire double
kick to complete the rock-n-roll onslaught. Jaded’s live show is a high octane
experience, both visually and aurally, that has earned them a devoted following
everywhere they have played. As a result, the band has already played in support
of many national acts including Crossfade, Damage Plan, Disturbed, George Lynch,
Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, Saliva, Shadowsfall, Shinedown, Silvertide,
Skid Row, Stryper, Tesla, WASP, and more.

M.S: Who were your influences?

B: Motley Crue, KISS, Van Halen.

M.S: How long did it take you to find "the sound" of Jaded in the beginning?

B: Not long at all. Once we all got together and started jamming the rock just

M.S: Where do you get your inspiration for the songs and what are they all

B: Most of our songs are about rockin’ out, partying, and having a great time.
We feel some of the more recent American rock music has been following a trend
of being lyrically depressing. We want people to have fun while listening to
our music. This being said, we do have some songs that discuss personal struggles,
dreams, and emotions.

M.S: What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?

B: Highpoints have been playing with some of our most admired bands,
and playing large outdoor festivals. Finishing our debut album has certainly
been an accomplishment for us as well. As far as low points, we have not really
encountered anything that has really slowed us down or anything that we could
not overcome, and do not forsee anything stopping us from pursuing our dream
in the future!

M.S: What CD’s do you currently have available and where can they be purchased

B: Jaded (Self-titled) -You can buy it from our website at www.jadedrockers.com
– but keep your eyes open because soon it will be in a store near you!

M.S: Have you toured yet & if so what has been the highlight so far?

B: To date we have played extensively in the New England area but have some
west coast and international dates in the works.

M.S: How the concert of your dreams would be?

B: The concert of our dreams would probably be one of the huge European festivals,
where we would share the stage with some of our favorite bands and play our
hearts out to thousands of screaming fans pumping their fists and singing along!

M.S: How do you thing your life is going to be in 10 years?

B: Within 10 years we hope to record many more albums and have played an extensive
list of countries and festivals. In 10 years we hope to have put our personal
dent in the music industry.

M.S: Do you feel closer to today´s heavy metal or hard rock scene?

B: Jaded is more of a hard rock band, but we include every bit of
the hard hitting drums and wailing guitar sounds found in a lot of heavy metal.

M.S: What state do you think rock music and live gigs are in at the moment?

B: I think right now the live show and modern rock music (as in nu-metal)
in the US are at an all time low as far as energy, excitement, and talent. However,
I feel that this trend will be ending shortly, and we will be ready for it!

M.S: Do you have dates for Europe?

B: Nothing officially confirmed yet.

M.S: What are you currently up to?

B: Currently we are planning some tours nationally and internationally and
working on distribution plans for maximum exposure!

M.S: Anything else you want to say to the fans?

B: Thanks so much for your time and please don’t change.

David A.