M.S: Hi Pamela, it’s an honor to have you answer our questions, thanks
for sharing with us this time.

P.M: The honor is all mine David! Thank you for inviting me to do this.

M.S: Let’s start from the begging, what brought you in the music world?
Do you prefer the voice over all instruments?

P.M: When I was young my mother introduced me to theatre. I loved acting
and was enthralled w/all aspects of it, especially the music! I grew up in a
large family of 4 brothers and one little sister. We didn’t live the life of
luxury but it was a childhood of playfulness and imagination. I decided I wanted
to learn how to play guitar and piano but we couldn’t afford lessons so I set
out to teach myself how to play! I picked it up fairly quickly and spontaneously
wrote my very first song at 8 years old. I started singing in choir at school
and church, I even entered singing contests. This was just the beginning…

M.S: Which are your mayor influences?

P.M: To be honest, I am influenced by all kinds of styles of music attracted
even more so to well written songs!

M.S: Since you are working hard on the Queensrÿche tour, how would
you describe a normal day in Pamela Moore’s life?

P.M: Pamela Moore’s life on tour? Well, it’s not as glamorous as you might
like to think it is…. A typical day might begin either waking up on the bus
or hotel. Finding breakfast somewhere, getting some sort of exercise, answering
my email (when I have internet access) and taking a shower. If we have a little
extra time I try to check out the city we are in, do a little shopping… Then
its Lobby call, sound check, dinner and into costume and make up for the show…
then…. … SHOW TIME! After the concert, we do our regular «meet & greet»
with the fans (my favorite time of all) Then back on the bus and off to the
next city repeating the same routine all over again! When I’m home, I try to
catch up on sleep… but currently I’ve been feverishly working to promote my
new solo CD «Stories From A Blue Room»

M.S: Before aiding Queensrÿche, were you part of any other band?

P.M: Yes, I sang in a few club bands in my hometown of Seattle. I worked
for a few famous artists over the years, for example, opening for Joe Cocker,
singing back up for Paul Rodgers (BAD COMPANY). I was hired by Brian Johnson
(ACDC) to sing a few of his Theatre songs he was writing at the time and I’ve
recorded, performed live and wrote songs with a band called Radar, from New
York. I also sang on a few TV and radio commercials in Seattle.

M.S: Which are the mayor differences between your earlier work and
this one?

P.M: Each music project I have recorded during my career has been very
different … right down to the ever changing styles of my Hair!! (Laughing
out loud)… just kidding. My very first record had a «light» pop rock sound,
(I guess you would call it?) An old Billboard Magazine review labeled the sound
and my vocal style as «blue eyed soul». I wasn’t sure what that meant but at
least they were talking about it! I evolved into the harder Rock when I met
Queensrÿche and worked with them on the Operation Mind-Crime record, performing
the duet w/Geoff Tate on «Suite Sister Mary». Because I appreciate so many styles
of music, I tend to pursue different musical directions. My new record is no
exception and I’m very happy with the results! We have a wealth of talented
musicians on the record.
The entire record was co-written by myself
and my song writing partner and friend, Benjamin Anderson (Rorschach Test).

Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) lays down rhythm guitar and extraordinary solo
work, (that only the master shredder himself can do!) Michael Wilton (Queensrÿche)
offers his guitar magic on a solo, Jason Kowalski (N17) lays down the foundation
of the music with his skillful drumming and Terri Nunn (Berlin) shares a few
vocal lines with Pamela on a couple of songs. Orchestrating these all this talent
and responsible for making this record shine is world renowned Producer Neil
Kernon (Queensrÿche, Nevermore). And while the record IS NOT a Queensrÿche record…
I think it has something for everyone! We like to explain the sound as: «A diverse
and dynamically sensual experience combined w/ a hard Rock edge and a very hypnotic
new electronic sound.» Very different from Queensrÿche AND Nevermore… for
sure… but exquisitely unique!

M.S: Why did this new album take you so long? Was it lack of time or
did you want to wait until you were better known thanks to your Queensrÿche

P.M: My touring obligations with Queensrÿche slowed down the recording
process because of scheduling conflicts. It also slowed down the writing process
but Ben and I forged through it. I would meet with him in-between gigs. Ben
would record some great musical ideas, throw them onto a disc and I would take
the disc with me (either on the road or in my car) come up some melody and lyrical
idea’s, then we’d get together and organize the ideas into a song format.Ben
is so creative in everything he does! He’s been a good friend for many years
and I’ve always wanted to collaborate with him… the timing was right, the
chemistry was great… we hit if off! Thus… the birth of «Stories From A Blue

M.S: For what we’ve heard in your myspace, this new album is very varied,
with very hard rock stuff and other songs much more electronic, was it hard
to fuse these two different sounds?

P.M: No, to the contrary it was something that happened naturally. Ben
loves ambient music and we both love the power that Rock brings into the mix
so we experimented by adding the 2 sounds together. I think the marriage of
the two is very complimentary. It’s refreshing because it stands apart from
so many artists and bands today that sound so much alike! .

M.S: The band you have used in your new album is basically members
of Queensrÿche and Nevermore. Aren’t those two styles very different from the
one you have adopted in this publishing?

P.M: Yes, it’s true. They are very different which is exactly the reason
why I wanted their contributions. Each musician added the intensity and power
we needed to complete the albums sound. In fact, ALL the artists who participated
were responsible for adding that magic ingredient of energy and strength. As
I mentioned earlier, I like pursuing different styles of music in order to show
the different sides of Pamela Moore. With this record, I wanted to give fans
the opportunity to hear another side of me but still keep the familiarity of
who I am and how people know me as a singer, in tact. I love hard-edged music.
I love dark music, I love hooks in songs.. You know? Those lines you find yourself
singing over and over again, (usually the lines in the chorus) that you can’t
get out of your head? I love haunting melodies and unusual programming sounds
can grab your attention just as intensely as power chords and «chunky» guitar
sounds can! I think, we accomplished blending hard rock with electronic perfectly…
the songs seem to pull you in attracting you to the melodies, words and story
line. Most all of the songs start off soft but swell to a crescendo and then
the release! A lot like sex! *blushing* Hiring Neil Kernon (Queensrÿche * Nevermore)
as my producer was a smart move too. His credits and accomplishments as an engineer/producer
are extremely impressive and when you hear my record you will know instantly
just how talented this man is! He is one of the best in the business!

M.S: We can see you like the color blue… does the title and the artwork
have any special meaning?

P.M: It’s mysterious isn’t it? Stories From A Blue Room, The meaning lies
within…. «grinning»

M.S: What did you think when Geoff Tate told you he was planning to
record the Operation: Mind-crime II?

P.M: I was very excited but very curious as to how he was going to bring
«Sister Mary» back to life… After all, she is supposed to be dead!

M.S: From an outsider’s point of view, What do you think of the QS
unity after so many years?

P.M: I love the band members in Queensrÿche. They are an amazing group
of men, with awesome talent and great work ethic. They are my second family…
my brothers in the music scene. They treat me with love and respect and I am
very honored and blessed to have been included in so many shows and recordings
throughout the years… I don’t take any of it for granted!

M.S: As you must know, people on the Internet can be very mean and
make rude remarks, like for example that QS published this second O:M just because
they want to make money off the title, linking this work to it’s predecessors’
success. Do you think this theory is true, partly true, or completely false?

P.M: It’s false. QR wrote OMC2 because they wanted to do it! I have never
witnessed Queensrÿche thinking in terms of what will make them rich fast! If
you are a fan of the band then you understand their music and know they don’t
follow the latest music trends. They of course keep up with current musical
sounds to stay fresh however, they take those current sounds and turn them into
music that is all their own. They write music that interests them and their
convictions. They push themselves in every way they can to perfect their craft.
They are not the type of band that will «sell out»! I’m sure they hope for financial
gains as much as we all do but to have the mind set that they write only for
the reason of making a quick buck is just wrong. Besides, the fans have asked
(for many years) to consider some kind of sequel to OMC and Geoff Tate had been
«tweaking» with the idea over the years as well. OMC2 is a labor of love and
NOT a sell out… I truly believe this from my heart!

M.S: On a happier account, what has the Sister Mary role meant to you
(in professional terms) all these years?

P.M: Having been given the opportunity to participate in such a spectacular
record was a dream come true. I was in the right place at the right time…
and I am very grateful for what it has brought to my life and my personal career.
The exposure and notoriety is just a couple of the «perks» that motivate me
to continue on! I am blessed.

M.S: QS’s last performance in Spain being this past july in Lorca.
Do you think that it was a good gig? Many of our staff there shedded tears of
emotion, was it that special to you as well? What do you think of the spanish

P.M: I loved Spain. The fans showed a lot of heart, sincerity and passion!
It was unusual to begin a concert at 4 am in the morning… but other than that…
our show in Lorca will be a moment in my life I will never forget! I personally
want to thank Lorca, the promoters and all the people who attended the show.
It was great fun… and awesome to meet all the musicians who played at the
festival as well!

M.S: Taking into account that is was 4:00 am and that you were able
to attract many thousands of followers, are you considering another gig in Spain
to perform the complete O:M II here?

P.M: I hope so! Unfortunately, I am not the one who makes those decisions
for Queensrÿche… but I can tell you that all of the guys in the band had an
excellent time in Spain and they loved the Paella!!

M.S: In the show we were able to see that you are in great shape. What
is your secret to continue in such a fine condition?

P.M: *blushing* …thank you for noticing. I have been working at it! I
try to watch what I eat (smaller portions and types of food) and get as much
rest as possible, even though being on the road makes it difficult. I try to
work out as regularly as I can…if I don’t have a gym to work out at; I usually
do some kind of aerobics of some sort… I don’t smoke either!

M.S: What does QS have that your solo career lacks and vice-versa?

P.M: Queensrÿche has had a few Number one songs and sold millions of records!
I certainly haven’t done that yet! Vice Versa? Hmm… Well, Queensrÿche doesn’t
have a female lead singer? Hahaha… just joking again, OF COURSE!

M.S: It’s been six long years since you entered a studio to record
your own stuff, did you feel nervous since, for example, Geoff Tate’s voice
wasn’t beside you in this album?

P.M: I never really get nervous performing or recording, I might experience
a few «butterflies in my stomach» from excitement though… Geoff Tate is an
amazing performer to work with. He draws you in with his intensity and professionalism.
He is charismatic and intuitive and every time I get on stage or have the chance
to work with him in the studio it’s a very very satisfying experience. I don’t
think I will ever get tired of working side by side with him. Having said that,
I do find it liberating to have the chance to perform on my own… record my
own records and write my own songs. It gives me a chance to show people that
I am not just «that chick» they lovingly call «Mary».

M.S: What do you think of the actual women/rock relation? Do you think
it is still linked too much to the gothic world?

P.M: Music is cyclical… as in life. At one point a few years ago Women
in Rock was very marketable in the mainstream. If you had a band with a great
female vocalist fronting the group… you would be an automatic hit. Sure, the
gothic world is still carrying that torch, but I have a feeling things will
change in the main stream as well and we will see a resurge of great female

M.S: What is your opinion of the nowadays hard rock panorama? And of
music in general terms?

P.M: Next question!! Hahaha! Ok, all joking aside, I’m not sure how to
answer this question. It’s difficult because the music industry has changed
so much since the Internet came along! I like some of the popular artists but
most mainstream music bores me to tears! It seems every band I watch on MTV
sounds and looks the same! Where is the originality? I like to listen to unsigned
bands or bands on indie labels because they seem more interesting musically
as opposed the «cookie cutter» artists!

M.S: Are you going to tour to present your new album? and perhaps….
visit Spain? 🙂

P.M: I would love to be touring in support of my solo record! That would
be a dream come true for me, however, at the moment, I have committed to helping
support the Operation Mind Crime 2 record by touring with Queensrÿche extensively.
After all, I did sing on this record so I have an interest to make sure it’s
presented in the best way possible. Maybe some day… *crossing fingers*

M.S: Well, we’ve reached the end of the interview, if you want to add
something to our readers, now is the time. Thank you and we hope to see you

P.M: Spain… what a beautiful country and beautiful people! May god bless
you and your families? May you be safe, healthy and happy and may all your dreams
come true! Until we meet again someday? Cheers! OH! And…. BUY MY RECORD,
please! www.cdbaby.com/pamelamoore2 Thank you David… keep in touch. Love,
pamela moore

David A. / David J.Amelang / Bárbara Hernández
Photos: www.metalsymphony.com/ www.myspace.com/pamelamoore