Hi Guys, how you doin?. First I wanna thank you for spending some of your time with Metal Symphony.

Hi, I’m fine thanks.

Do you think that the world is forever? Really? What’s your opinion about the world we live?

I guess the world will be around a little bit longer than us. Unfortunately I think we will destroy mankind by living the way we do these days. Too much egoism and money being the only thing most people care about.

Sincerely I think “Forever is the world” is your greatest album in 11 years. Are you agree with me?

Thanks. I agree it’s a great album. We are really excited about it. Put a lot of work into it. But I think we did some cool stuff on the more experimental albums too. It depends on what you’re into, I guess.

“FITW” could be a perfect mix between “Storm” and “Aegis”. Are you agree with me?

I think the album sums up the whole career of the band, from 1993 until today. It wasn’t planned that way. It sort of just happened. But I can see it has maybe more similarities to the mentioned albums. We made a decision before recording this album that we would concentrate more on the basic elements of the band, like drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. Just make it more basic and simpler.

In my opinion “FITW” is a back to the roots in some ways: including Raymond “beast” voices, keyboards in the old way, some slow tempos. Did it intentionally?

We’ve gone back to the roots to some degree. It wasn’t a thing we did on purpose. It just ended up that way. I think we just wanted to make an album that sounded more like we’re just being in a room playing music, rather than making it in front of a computer.

Some keyboards parts remember me old times (p. e. “Revolution”)?

Yeah, a lot of people hear stuff on the new album that they’ve heard before on older albums. I think that sort of thing is cool. Having references to previous albums.

I think Nell voice is more inside TOT music than in “Storm”. How was her work for the composition and recording process?

She has gotten more and more involved in both lyrics and songwriting. Without her effort I don’t think we could have made this album. Besides singing she can play the piano and a bit of guitar too. So she is an important member of the band. She had some very vital contributions to the songwriting this time around.

Some bands change the style of their music: Dark Tranquillity, Paradise Lost, My dying Bride, In Flames but after one or two releases they back to the roots. Why did you try some different things?

I think it has to do with the nature of being a creative person. You always want to seek new things and explore other paths. When you’ve done it your needs have been filled. For us it was necessary to keep the band going. You need to keep it interesting for yourself and try to bring people along for the ride. We are not the kind of band that can do the same album over and over again. Although some fans might love that.

With “Storm” release you didn’t so many promotion interviews. Why?

I think we did quite a lot. The promotion part of the band is not my department so I honestly don’t know what’s going on.

What’s about your planning tour? Could be possible to see you in Spain for the second time? I remember when I saw you with Beseech and Lacuna Coil in Barcelona…

A tour is planned for next year. Lorentz is away right now in Australia so we had to push things a bit forward. Of course we would love to play in Barcelona. I remember it was a great city with a loud crowd.

Did you think anytime to left the band (specially between 2004 and 2008? If your answer is yes can you tell me the reasons?

No I never wanted to leave. Sometimes things are not great, and that’s why we have taken breaks from the band to do other stuff. I think the period after Nell joined us has been my best period in the band. She helped us seeing the joys of playing music together.

What’s your opinion when you listen / read that fans compares Nell and Liv?

I think they should. If you follow the band it’s an interesting discussion. As singers they are quite different, so there are a lot of things to compare.

Did you listen any Leaves’ Eyes songs? What’s your opinion about their music?

I’ve heard a couple of songs. Not my cup of tea. I think their music and image is a cartoon of the gothic metal genre.

What’s about your relationship with Liv at now?

Haven’t spoken to her since 2005 I think. She came to a show we did in Germany, famous for Nell wearing a Leaves’ Eyes t-shirt on stage.  Apart from this we have no real contact anymore.

Would be possible a reunion with the old members for a special show or anything similar in the future?

No, that will never happen.

Do you want to add anything more for your Spanish fans? Thank you very much and we´ll see you soon onstage. 

Hope you check out the new album and hopefully we will see you on tour some time.

Marc Gutiérrez